With technology, our planet is changing quickly.  That's  why everyone needs a sacred space. We lose connection to the Earth that keeps us grounded .

When you're not grounded you feel mentally and emotionally drained, irritable and have a lack of concentration and focus.

The benefits of having a sacred space:

1.  Improves immune system, releases stress.

2.  Find solutions to problem solving in your career.

3.  A creative space for innovation and constructing new goals with ease.

4.  A low-keyed area free from technology to reconnect with family and friends.

5.  A soothing space for meditative reflection and transformation of energy.

6.  A place for rest and relaxation from a chaotic work day.

I have discovered in my 35 year of experience that my background in design, gardening and organization, has provided me knowledge of how the physical world works.

I've also observed that no one has the unique combination of skills and education to deliver the benefits I've mentioned.

Whether your space is inside your home or outside, I can coach you to create that sacred space.   It begins with a complimentary consultation where we will discuss your concepts for your designated space.  From there I will create a design sketch of possible design variations for that space.   Additional services available, including clutter clearing, which is the foundation of any sacred space.

I look forward to helping you discover that calming space: A Sacred Dwelling by Design

Janie Morrish